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Just leave it on! - most players say
It is hard to believe, that this delay pedal is digital. It gives the warmth of all-tube echo and also cool digital delay in studio quality. All with the convenience of one pedal.

TIME, REPEAT, MIX and LEVEL knobs allow for quick, precise control. A Hi-cut button cuts high frequencies on repeats - perfectly simulating the tone of a 60s era tape echo.

With a simple flick of a switch you can alter the delay’s subdivision parameter from 1/4 to 1/8 triplets, and to make the delay fit your purpose we even added a Tap-Tempo switch to get you right in time with your tune.

Play it and youll buy it!

A lot of famous players are using this pedal. Just have a look far right under "Who plays T-Rex". You will see Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, John Mayer, Greg Lake, Steve Morse etc.


Sound files
All soundfiles are recorded in Sun Studio (Copenhagen) by Mika Vandborg, solo artist and guitarplayer in "Gnags" and "Dicte".

Mika plays a Fender Stratocaster 1964 and a T-Rex T25 BigTone Combo.


Mark Sullivan from daddys.com wrote this.
The Replica is one of the best sounding delays on the market. Very analog and warm tube sounding yet with a feature set beyond most high tech digital units. Controls consist of Echo knob (wet/dry mix control) Repeat knob (number of repeats) Tempo knob (delay time up to 1500 milliseconds) the Level knob (overall volume) allows for a boost up to 3db, which I found quite useful. Some of my favorite delays suffer from a drop in volume when engaged, the Replica’s Level knob solves that problem. Also on board is a Brown button (high cut) for a more tube echo sound and a Subdivision button which gives you 1/4-note triplets. A tap-tempo foot switch is to the right of the true bypass switch. The Midi in-jack allows you to sync tempo to clock and remotely switch the unit on/off.



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