Vox amPlug AP-LD

  • Model: APLD


In winkelwagen:

Hoofdtelefoonversterker (amPlug Lead)

  • Model: US High gain boutique 
  • Regelingen: Gain, Volume & Delay
  • Aansluitingen: 6,3mm Hoofdtelefoon & 3,5mm Audio-in 
  • Inclusief: 2x 1,5 Volt AAA Batterij 
  • Afmetingen (HxBxD): 31x86x80mm
  • Netto gewicht: 40 gr.


Jamming late at night? Don't want to wake the neighbors? Maybe you want to work out a lick with your MP3 player without taking the time to set up your amp. You want to play guitar right now. Vox amPlug is the answer. Simply plug this palm-sized headphone guitar amp directly into your guitar, and enjoy serious guitar sound anywhere, anytime.
The amPlug Lead headphone amp is based on a US-made high-gain boutique amp, further modified for lead guitar. It also contains a digital delay effect, delivering a huge, spatial sound that could not be previously obtained, and giving you a rich and full-fledged lead sound that you can play anytime and anywhere.
Vox amPlug Lead Headphone Amp Features:
* Plugs directly into your guitar — a great-sounding headphone guitar amp that gives you serious sound fast.
* AUX in jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player.
* 100% analog circuit faithfully simulates the response of the original amps.
* Delivers hi-gain lead guitar sounds, plus a digital delay effect
* Quick and easy setup! Just connect Vox amPlug to your guitar and enjoy serious sound.



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