Vox - AC 30 6 TB Reissue / UK Build

  • Model: AC30 6TB

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Vox Custom Classic AC30 6TB 2x12 Combo

The VOX AC30 6TB is a guitar amp that is a reissue of one of the most popular amps ever made. It's Handmade in England so you know it's reliable and has that great VOX tone. This amp is made for the professional guitarist. It has a tone of its own that is highly valued in the rock and pop music industry.

This amp is based on the original GZ34 valve rectifier and has been researched and tested by guitarist and technical engineers for a faithful re-issue. This is the sound that started rock-n-roll. This amp has 33 watts RMS of CLASS A power and is run into two 12" Celestion speakers. The control panel is the same as the original with its layout and design. Vox added a stand by switch which is meant only for saving the power tubes and prolonging the life of the amplifier. It does so by halting the surge of electricity from entering the amp when it is first turned on.

The AC30 6TB uses five ECC83 for the EQ, tremolo and a single ECC82 tube in the preamp stage. It's powered by 4 EL84's power output tubes that are being run in CLASS A mode. Being run in CLASS A mode is what gives this amp its sound along with the GZ34 power rectifier tube. It has that unique Vox tone and response that if faithfully replicated. The power transformers have also been recreated and used in this model.

The AC30 comes with two 12" Celestion G12M greenbacks that handle 25 watts each. The cabinet is made of highly resonant birch plywood and has the original diamond cloth on the front.


  • Authentic re-issue of the Original Vox amp
  • All Tube Design
  • Two 12" Celestion Greenback Speakers
  • 33 watts RMS of Class A tube power
  • Five Control/Tremolo ECC83s Tubes
  • One ECC82 PreAmp Tube
  • Four EL84s Power amp tubes
  • GZ34 rectifier Power Supply Tube
  • Birch ply-cabinet
  • Diamond fret cloth
  • Enlarged vent grilles for longer tube life and improved performance

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